The Year of the Rabbit, Searching for a Good Year - Jan 2023

The Year of the Rabbit, represents longevity, peace and prosperity. 2023, is turning a corner and leaving the volatility of the Tiger behind us. HKRadar wishes you and your loved ones, that 2023 is an adventure in finding those special things to make the Rabbit Year that extra bit memorable.

Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years to you! - Dec 2022

As we wind down for the holidays, it is a good time to reflect the rough skies of 2022.  Many countries have started the new normal and Hong Kong, belately has joined the rest of the world.  It will take some many months to return Hong Kong to anywhere near its pre COVID glory and many regional hubs have risen to excel and over take Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is always up for the challenge and HKRadar will be part of the Asian aviation journey.

HKRadar, through its dedication to delivering to clients and candidates, has had another great year.  It would not be achievable without you. We raise our glasses, and wish you the Merriest of Christmases, and we look forward to an exciting new year.

Macau Airworthiness Course 2022 - Nov 2022

Macao Polytechnic University has just delivered the 2022 Macao Airworthiness Course.

Macao, still under some COVID restrictions, had a strong desire for continuous learning, HKRadar and Great China Aviation Consulting Ltd designed a tailored learning solution. With a demand for modern & up to date teaching, we delivered a mix mode teaching experience, involving interactive group discussions and exercises, supported by active aviation practioners.

We would like to thank, Johnson Cheong, Civil Aviation Authority (Macao), Department Head (Airworthiness), Flight Standards and Licensing, and Stanley Kan, Macao Polytechnic University, Director of Centre for Continuing Education for the opportunity to work with our aviation colleagues in Macao.

For your aviation engineering training needs, across Asia, contact us today.

Nothing Beats Face to Face events - Oct 2022

Thank you to all the partners we met at MRO Asia.  Nothing beats face to face, though we probably need to still Zoom or Teams video calls but with capacity pouring into the market, leads to more opportunities for our clients, using our Talents Solutions.

HKRadar, with Step Up HK, picked up as many roles as we closed off and our Talents Solutions is a hit with our returning clients.  Trust in us to partner and find talent to build your business across Asia Pacific.

HKRadar will be there! - Sept 2022

It has been a long time coming, but HKRadar welcomes the return of MRO Asia and that we can gather in person.  

We look forward to crossing paths and starting that all important first conversation.  We will be there, will you?

Returning Talent Solutions Customer - July 2022

HKRadar & Step Up HK, are delighted to have a returning Talent Solutions customer in July,   To support their MRO product expansion in the region, we will be launching various positions in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam.

We are in the heart of Asian aviation and we are proud to be partnered with the best brands in the business, and bringing our Asian experience to bear.

HKRadar & Step Up HK secures newest Talent Solutions Customer - May 2022

HKRadar, partnered with Step Up HK, secures its newest MRO customer who has chosen our Talent Solutions service.  We will work with them to expand in Asia and build their teams with high calibre individuals.

HKRadar and Step Up HK now actively works with three of the top 10 global maintenance repair organisations with our Talent Solutions, in Asia Pacific, servicing them in offices in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Call us today and see how we can bring the power of our Talent Solutions to your organisation.

The aviation future is bright, career talk - Mar 2022

Hong Kong Polytechnic University invited HKRadar to talk about aviation careers. Just under 40 students who are studying Aeronautical & Aviation Engineering were in attendance and were eager to find out if there is an aviation career post COVID. The future is bright, go grab it!

HKRadar is about giving back to the aviation community and embedded in our DNA. 

HKRadar congratulates Greater Bay Airlines Company Ltd in obtaining their ATLA Licence - Feb 2022

HKRadar congratulates Greater Bay Airlines Company Ltd (GBA) in obtaining their licence from the Air Transport Licensing Authority.  This was obtained 5 months after receiving their Air Operators Certificate.  

GBA tapped HKRadar to provide consultants and their network of trusted business partners, to support setting up the airline and to obtain the AOC.  

Helping to Keep Others Ahead of the Game - Feb 2022

Helping others to know the latest industry trends as well keeping ahead of the competition is our bread and butter.  HKRadar recently briefed a SE Asian investment firm on aircraft inspection technology, uses and trends.  If you require expert advice, to stay ahead, call us today.

HKRadar wishes you a Happy and Healthy New Year in the Year of the Tiger

Let’s have roaring start to the New Year.  To our clients, partners and candidates, have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022!

HKRadar Completes Our First Nacelle Inspection - Jan 2022

Happy New Year and we look forward to a better 2022.

HKRadar completed its first nacelle inspection for the Triumph Group deploying our OEM trained and qualified inspector.  This is part of our journey  to increase our capability so we are ready when you need us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The year is coming to a close.  This has been HKRadar’s busiest years and it is because of you.

We would to thank and wish all our customers, business partners and candidates a very Merry Christmas and bright New Year!

Business Director opportunity in Singapore - Nov 2021

Our client is seeing beyond the pandemic and after their reorganisation, they have a new Business Development role, based out of Singapore.  Go to our opportunities page to learn more.  

Start a new career in component management - Oct 2021

Looking to change lane and turbo charge your career?  Our client is looking for a Key Account Manager.  Check out the opportunities page!

HKRadar adds new nacelle inspection service - Oct 2021

HKRadar expands its service offering with SkyTier Capital, to provide trained and qualified nacelle inspection services on behalf of The Triumph Group.

HKRadar congratulates Greater Bay Airlines Company Ltd in obtaining their Air Operator’s Certificate - Oct 2021

HKRadar congratulates Greater Bay Airlines Company Ltd (GBA) in obtaining their Air Operator’s Certificate, issued by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department.  GBA tapped HKRadar to provide consultants and their network of trusted business partners, to support setting up the airline and to obtain the AOC.  This was successully achieved in 17 months.

MRO Asia 2021 - Sept 2021

Aviation does not stop and continues to live with this pandemic.  With the rest of the APAC aviation industry, HKRadar will be attending MRO Asia-Pacific, and the team looks forward to meeting you there.

Welcome back Nordwind to Hong Kong - Aug 2021

After a month’s preparation, LCC Nordwind is back in HK.  HKRadar facilitated all local authority approvals, arranged the ground operations, which included cabin loading.

Thank you to our trusted network of business partners, China Aircraft Services Ltd, Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd, AVESCO, Cathay Pacific Catering Services and Cathay Pacific Services Ltd.

Call us for your handlng needs today.

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IMG 20210827-WA0014
IMG 20210827-WA0009
Step Up to a new career as a Fleet Manager & Maintenance Planner - Aug 2021

Countries are talking of opening borders, aircraft are being reactivated and staff are being recalled.  HKRadar is now seeking a fleet manager & maintenance planners for one of our long term business partners.  Check it out on our opportunities page.

Getting Nordwind ready - July 2021

No job is too big or small for HKRadar, and we are ready to welcome LCC Nordwind back to Hong Kong and are delighted to support their operations again.

Leading engine repair specialist ChromAlloy renews its partnership - May 2021

Chromalloy, is a pioneer of protective coatings for turbine airfoils since the 1950s, has renewed its partnership with HKRadar.  HKRadar will support and promote its Life X and OEM repair solutions in Hong Kong and Macau.

Partnering with a HK logistics company - April 2021

In the current business climate, some companies are remodelling themselves to compete more effectively.  One of Hong Kong’s largest logistics businesses is moving into the aviation sector. HKRadar, has become a preferred supplier to support them in their initiative to achieve this goal.

Multi Services Co-Operation Agreement with Singapore - April 2021

Building on its strong regional network, we are pleased to ink a new multi services agreement with Singapore's SkyTier Capital.  With the poential of travel opening up across the region, HKRadar and SkyTier Capital are already co-operating on placing an aircaft asset for a SE Asian customer.

From north to south Asia, we will have you covered from management consulting, training & finding and placing assets where you need them.

HKRadar Wishes Our Business Partners, Clients and Candidates, Good Health and Fortune in the Year of the Ox
HK MRO seeks maintenance staff - Feb 2021

In difficult times, there are still those who are pushing ahead.  Some are letting staff go and there are a small few who are fortunate to expand.  COVID has made this world very topsy turvy but our client is looking to bringing on board some fresh hands.

HKRadar and Step Up HK will commence recruitment of these maintenance staff for this MRO.

Start up airline renews its partnership - Feb 2021

Hong Kong’s newest start up is running at full pace, readying the delivery of its first leased aircraft and moving forward in its preparation for its Air Operators Certificate and airline operation.

As part of the set up team, they have renewed its partnership with continue Engineering and Maintenance preparation for this new and exciting airline.

A Big Thank You - Jan 2021

There is nothing like keeping our business partners satisfied in a tough and competitive market.  JSC Royal Flight Airlines has renewed their partnership with HKRadar for their postal operation coming through Hong Kong.  We are proud to be part of keeping Hong Kong Post moving.

Hong Kong’s largest cargo operator continues to trust in Chromalloy OEM repair solutions, as HKRadar services their fleet with fast turn around for their engine parts.

Finally, we welcome back a Hong Kong MRO, who has tapped HKRadar for our turn key recruitment solutions.  

HKRadar is at the front line with our business partners, and we look ahead and act now, so you don’t need to.

Smooth LM MRO Transition -  Jan 2021

Happy New Year and we wish our partners and customers a safe 2021.

HKRadar worked with our customer, JSC Royal Flight Airlines, and transitioned them to their new line maintenance partner, China Aircraft Services Ltd overnight on New Year’s Day.  

Whether it is a normal working day, or in this case, over the Christmas and New Year holiday, you can rely on HKRadar to look ahead to deliver world class technical and commercial services so you can focus on your business.

Delivering in times of COVID - Nov 2020

The Hong Kong aviation industry has taken a battering.  With flights cancelled, aircraft parked and many colleagues are being made redundant.  The cargo market is still brisk and Asian cities are exploring travel bubbles.

With this back drop, HKRadar continues to work with the new airline start up, securing their first three aircraft, establishing their AOC, and putting in place, services and people to support their maintenance and engineering.

Our current customers trust HKRadar, as we continue to turn their flights, day in and day out.  

We are also delighted to secure safety training, from a logistics company.  

In times of COVID, HKRadar will be there to work with our customers and face your challenges, together.

MRO Asia 2020 - Sept 2020

COVID 19 is setting the new norm, and HKRadar will be there at MRO Asia Pacific Virtual.  At HKRadar, our team is ready to see how we can partner with you and Looking Ahead beyond the challenging environment and to Act Now.  See you there!

Chromalloy OEM repairs shorten PW4000 engine Turn Around Time - Sept 2020

It takes baby steps, and a Hong Kong operator has selected Chromalloy’s OEM repair capability to shorten a PW4000 engine overhaul which was in for a prolonged repair cycle, supported by HKRadar.

Chromalloy is trusted worldwide to provide commercial airlines and MRO providers with a wide range of innovative, high technology repair options that can eliminate scrap, reduce costs and extend the life of high valued engine components.

Chromalloy LifeX Engine Repairs & Components to Hong Kong & Macau - June 2020

HKRadar is running at full steam and has secured representation of Chromalloy in Hong Kong and Macau.  

Chromalloy, is a pioneer of protective coatings for turbine airfoils since the 1950s. They have continually developed new solutions that reduce costs and extend gas turbine engine life for manufacturers and operators alike.

HKRadar now brings their range of LifeX engine repair and component solutions to Hong Kong and Macau.

Starting Up - June 2020

Start ups need every advantage so they can get going and running.  Using its local network, HKRadar is supporting by teasing out Hong Kong’s finest and passionate to fill in key leadership and operational positions in a Hong Kong aviation start up.

HKRadar helping “Linking People, Delivering Business - May 2020

Hong Kong Post is about Linking People, Delivering Business.  HKRadar is supporting Hong Kong Post charter flights with our customer Royal Flight Airlines.  HKRadar facilitated and managed the maintenance operations in Hong Kong.

As a trusted partner, we are delighted to work with HAECO in doing our part in delivering Hong Kong’s letters and parcels around the world in these extraordinary times.

Time to Engineer! - Apr 2020

As the airline industry is battered by the COVID-19 virus, the world slows down but does not stop.  HKRadar has been working to bring value to customers in these very trying times.

HKRadar has entered into a long term partnership with Asian regional airline, Greater Bay Airlines, to set up and design their airline engineering, maintenance and related commercial operations.  

Our client is leveraging over 25 years in airline engineering leadership and accessing the region's best practitioners and our supply chain network to transform the way it does engineering and maintenance.

Call us today and see how we can partner with you.

HKRadar helps to fight COVID-19 - Apr 2020

Fighting COVID-19 is everyone’s responsibility.  LCC NordWind was chartered by the Romanian Government to fly much needed medical supplies.  HKRadar was tapped by LCC NordWind for our established network and being able to act swiftly. HKRadar facilitated the local regulatory approvals, ground handling, catering, maintenance and cargo operations for this humanitarian flight operation executed over the Easter holiday.  Thanks to LCC NordWind and our partners who trusted us and worked with us to simply deliver.

Ground Handling Repair Solutions - Mar 2020

A local ground handling company seeks HKRadar to deliver recruitment solution to boost their repair business.  HKRadar responds to quickly to the market to deliver consistently to its customers.

ULD Solutions comes to HKRadar - Feb 2020

Rich knowledge and with a expansive aviation network in the region, a global ULD Solutions Provider selects HKRadar to seek out new members for their team.

The MRO market will ride it out - Feb 2020

The aviation industry was riding the waves 12 months ago, but with a trade war and now viral infections in the region, airlines are in a dip once more, with capacity cuts not falling as fast as cargo and passenger traffic disappear.  However, aviation is a long game for the well established and fit players.  The MRO market will ride it out and for those who have an excellent product with an organisational prowess to match.  HKRadar is selected to find two new members for the component division for this MRO.

Digital Travel Retail Industry kicks off 2020 - Jan 2020

2020 is here and HKRadar moves into the digital travel retail industry recruiting a corporate sales manager.

HKRadar secures additional aviation positions from our customers in HK and SE Asia - Dec 2019

Reliable and high customer focus is our trademark and we are delighted to secure additional aviation sales positions from our customers in Hong Kong and SE Asia.  Come to talk to us, and we can bring our team to assist you in finding the best for your team.

A leading MRO chooses HKRadar to recruit corporate sales in SE Asia - Nov 2019

HKRadar is the go to place to recruit aviation in the APAC region, with the Step Up HK, powering an efficient process.  A leading MRO sees Asia as the hot spot and has chosen HKRadar to recruit corporate sales in SE Asia.

European Global MRO selects HKRadar to recruit APAC Head of Sales - Oct 2019

A truly global MRO with its roots in Europe, comes to HKRadar to recruit an APAC Head of Sales.  With our long aviation history, we bring it to bear to find talent where and when it is needed in Asia.  Call us to today for your talent acquisition needs.

HKRadar supports the 5th HKIE Airworthiness Course - Oct 2019

HKRadar is back in the classroom to deliver modules for the 5th HKIE Airworthiness Course, in the support of developing tomorrows aviation leaders.

A Hong Kong MRO brings HKRadar to bear to expand their communications & training team - Oct 2019

A Hong Kong MRO brings on board HKRadar to expand their corporate communications & technical training team.  Partnered with Step Up HK, we have over 4000 candidates to tap on.  If you are seeking talent, drop us a message today.

HKRadar expands its partner network with DGB Aviation & Aircraft Parts Management Ltd - Sept 2019
dbgaviation logo

Forging strong partnerships is about Looking Ahead.  We are delighted to partner with UK based, DGB Aviation, an experienced EASA training and consulting service.  Secondly, we have joined up with Aircraft Parts Management Ltd, which allows us to increase our coverage for airframe and engine parts sourcing in the APAC region.

MRO Asia 2019 - Sept 2019

HKRadar will be at MRO Asia in Singapore.  Look forward to meeting you there.

HK Radar recruits additional positions for a European MRO - Aug 2019

A European MRO comes back to HKRadar to recruit additional management positions  in Asia Pacific.

Human Factors - July 2019

HKRadar is back again to provide Human Factors training for a HK based airline. 

HKRadar commences mechanic and technican recruitment for a Top 5 Global Aerospace Company - July 2019

A top 5 global aerospace seeking mechanics & technicians selects HKRadar to support their recruitment activities.

3Top Aviation Services and HKRadar partner on aircraft spares. - June 2019

UK based, 3Top Aviation Services partners with HKRadar to promote their aircraft spares and repair solutions.  Since 1999, their offerings include the sales, exchange, repair, overhaul and lease of various commercial aircraft products, including engines, APUs, landing systems, components, flight surfaces.

A European MRO chooses HKRadar to recruit across the Asia region. - May 2019

A European MRO chooses HKRadar to recruit various position across APAC.

HKRadar provides aviation fuel consultation services to a SE Asian fuel company - May 2019

A SE Asian fuel company comes to HKRadar to provide services to facilitate their business expansion in the region.

Recruitment for one of the world’s largest aerospace companies. - Apr 2019

HKRadar commences recruitment for an engineer and back office staff for one of the world’s largest aerospace companies.

New Partnership with Clarion C & C - Apr 2019

HKRadar joins forces with local component specialist Clarion C & C to jointly market and acquire components in the APAC region.

ULD Fleet Management - March 2019

HKRadar recruits a manager for a ULD Fleet Management Company.

Hong Kong PolyTechnic University Mechanical Engineering Mentorship - Jan 2019

HKRadar participated in PolyU’s mentorship event to help young graduating mechanical engineering students with their career questions as they enter the employment for the first time.  This is about Acting Now to help the future engineering talent of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Aviation Twitter Feed - Jan 2019

HKRadar launches a Hong Kong Aviation Twitter feed. Follow dedicated Asian aviation news by clicking the Twitter icon at the bottom of the page.

C Level recruitment for global ground handling provider - Jan 2019

HKRadar secures a C level recruitment for a global ground handling provider for their operation in Asia.

HKRadar proud to support third HKIE Airworthiness Course - Nov 2018

HKIE is running its third Airworthiness Course this year.  HKRadar is again teaching two modules for this HK industry programme.

FBO selects HKRadar to find management talent - Oct 2018

HK Radar, partnering with Step Up HK, has secured recruitment for Project and Business Development Manager positions for an Asian FBO.

Human Factors again - Oct 2018

HKRadar is brought back to provide Human Factors training for a HK based airline.  Quality and reliable delivery is HKRadar’s mission, contact us today.

MRO Asia 2018 - Oct 2018

HKRadar will be at MRO Asia.  Contact us if you are looking to partner for new opportunities.

HKRadar supports OEM navigation equipment provider -  Aug 2018

A navigation equipment OEM reaches to HK Radar to support their future systems design.

Change of contact number -  Aug 2018

We have a new contact number, effective today.  You can find it on our new contact us page.

Supporting an Asian OEM - Aug 2018

A global consulting firm selects HK Radar for local Asian knowledge in airline operations to assist their Asian OEM customer.

HKRadar proud to support the HKIE Airworthiness Course - July 2018

HKRadar will again be proud to support the second HKIE Airworthiness Course to be held in July.  

An American Fortune 500 chemical company selects HKRadar to provide consultation services - June 2018

An American Fortune 500 chemical company comes to HK Radar to provide consultation services for their line of aviation fluids.

VTC Aircraft & Marine Engineering Centre - June 2018

With over 44 years in architectural design, urban planning and interior design, this Hong Kong architechural firm selects HKRadar to support its tender for the new VTC Aircraft & Marine Engineering Centre which will open in 2024.  Working to help educational establishments is at the heart of our principle of Looking Ahead and Acting Now.

Human Factors comes to a Hong Kong airline - May 2018

Flexibility is at HKRadar's heart.  It has been selected by Hong Kong’s largest carrier to provide bespoke human factors course with a short lead time.

HK Radar announces new partnership with Aviation Management Solutions Ltd - May 2018

HKRadar expands its portfolio of training and service offerings with a new partnership with Aviation Management Solutions Ltd.  Both companies will be cross marketing an extensive range of training solutions to the Asian and Mainland Chinese market.  In addition, the agreement covers aircraft material and parts for the same markets.

HKRadar launches its first Philippines programme - May 2018

HKRadar launches its first tailored programme for the Philippines training market, Basic Airline Maintenance Planning (& Production) to be conducted in August 2018.

HKRadar supports HKIE Airworthiness Course - May 2018

In fostering knowledge sharing with the Hong Kong air transport industry, HKRadar will be participating in delivering material at the upcoming, HKCAD accredited Airworthiness Course in May 2018

Recruitment - Apr 2018

HKRadar, secures second position to recruit a Director of China Projects for a premier FBO.

HKRadar and tl-networks enters the Philippines training market - Apr 2018

HKRadar and Singapore based tl-networks, brings a range of aviation training to the Philippines with an undisclosed local provider. With working professionals from airlines, maintenance repair organisations and original equipment manufacturers, the programmes offered will provide real up to date insight and knowledge coupled with interactive training. Together with this Manila based training school, the programmes merge the best of international and local content. Tailored 1 and 3 day programmes will begin to be offerable from the second quarter of 2018.

HKRadar teams up with tl-networks - Apr 2018
tl networks%20logo

HKRadar, is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with Singapore based, tl-networks.  tl-networks is a training provider, consultancy and aircraft parts provider specialising in south and north east Asia region.

Recruitment - Apr 2018

HKRadar has been selected by an FBO to recruit a line manager.

IATA SGHA Contracting Services - Feb 2018

HKRadar has been brought in to provide IATA SGHA contracting services to a foreign based airline.

Maintenance Programme & Reliability - Feb 2018

HKRadar successfully deilvers its Maintenance Programme & Reliability training programme.   The participants were able to apply their knowledge on a variety of exercises which was an effective learning tool, and  moves away from “death” by PowerPoint.

HKRadar also offers Safety Management Systems, Human Performance and Airworthiness for Executives as part its knowledge sharing portfolio.

Aviation Safety Culture - Feb 2018

HKRadar has been selected by a local higher education institution to provide a customised Safety Culture course for its degree students.

Aircraft sourcing, leasing and insurance services - Jan 2018

HKRadar converts its MOU with an undisclosed customer, for consulting services covering aircraft sourcing, expanding into aircraft leasing and aircraft insurance services.

Events & Conferences - Jan 2018

Our newest member, expands HK Radar capability to put together that centre piece event or conference for your organisation.

Recruitment - Dec 2017

HKRadar has been selected to recruit for a senior business development officer for a regional cargo operations.

Aircraft Sourcing - Nov 2017

HKRadar has signed an MOU with an undislosed customer to source wide bodied aircraft, along with ongoing maintenance support arrangements.

Maintenance Program and Reliability Training Course - Oct 2017

A regional National Aviation Authority has selected HKRadar to provide a customised maintenance programme (MSG3) and Reliability Systems Training Programme for the local aviation business community.

Departing from traditional chalk and talk, HK Radar was selected for bringing practical and interactive methods into the classroom.

Training - Oct 2017

HKRadar extends their arrangement with a HK based airline to provide time critical training coverage.

Aviation Week, MRO Asia Pacific - Oct 2017

HKRadar will be at MRO Asia Pacific in Singapore from 31 October to 2 November, 2017.  Feel free to contact us, to discuss new opportunities.  We look forward to meeting you in Singapore!

Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive Policy Address - Oct 2017

HKRadar welcomes the CE’s initiatives to help SMEs in providing tax breaks in profit tax, investments in education and research & development, & other initiatives to assist the Hong Kong workforce. 

We encourage the Government to continue to address livelihood issues, continue to invest in the community and create a business friendly environment.

Recruitment - Sept 2017

A Hong Kong based conglomerate, brings in HKRadar and Step Up HK to recruit aviation engineers and also management positions in their non aviation businesses.

Recruitment - Aug 2017

HKRadar has partnered with Step Up HK, and has secured the rights to recruit engineering staff at a HK based MRO.

Training - July 2017

HKRadar has been drafted in to provide technical training support at a HK based airline.

We have moved - July 2017

We have moved into our new premises right here at the Hong Kong International Airport.