A Hong Kong MRO brings HKRadar to bear to expand their communications & training team - OCT 2019

A Hong Kong MRO brings on board HKRadar to expand their corporate communications & technical training team.  Partnered with Step Up HK, we have over 4000 candidates to tap on.  If you are seeking talent, drop us a message today.

HKRadar expands its partner network with DGB Aviation & Aircraft Parts Management Ltd - Sept 2019
dbgaviation logo

Forging strong partnerships is about Looking Forward.  We are delighted to partner UK based, DGB Aviation, an experienced EASA training and consultig service.  Secondly, we have joined up with Aircraft Parts Management Ltd, which allows us to increase our coverage for airframe and engine parts sourcing in the APAC region.

MRO Asia 2019 - Sept 2019

HKRadar will be at MRO Asia in Singapore.  Look forward to meeting you there.

HK Radar recruits additional positions for a European MRO - Aug 2019

A European MRO comes back to HKRadar to recruit additional management positions  in Asia Pacific.

Human Factors - July 2019

HKRadar is back again to provide Human Factors training for a HK based airline. 

HKRadar commences mechanic and technican recruitment for a Top 5 Global Aerospace Company - July 2019

A top 5 global aerospace seeking mechanics & technicians selects HKRadar to support their recruitment activities.

3Top Aviation Services and HKRadar partner on aircraft spares. - June 2019

UK based, 3Top Aviation Services partners with HKRadar to promote their aircraft spares and repair solutions.  Since 1999, their offerings include the sales, exchange, repair, overhaul and lease of various commercial aircraft products, including engines, APUs, landing systems, components, flight surfaces.

A European MRO chooses HKRadar to recruit across the Asia region. - May 2019

A European MRO chooses HKRadar to recruit various position across APAC.

HKRadar provides aviation fuel consultation services to a SE Asian fuel company - May 2019

A SE Asian fuel company comes to HKRadar to provide services to facilitate their business expansion in the region.

Recruitment for one of the world’s largest aerospace companies. - Apr 2019

HKRadar commences recruitment for an engineer and back office staff for one of the world’s largest aerospace companies.

New Partnership with Clarion C & C - Apr 2019

HKRadar joins forces with local component specialist Clarion C & C to jointly market and acquire components in the APAC region.

ULD Fleet Management - March 2019

HKRadar recruits a manager for a ULD Fleet Management Company.

Hong Kong PolyTechnic University Mechanical Engineering Mentorship - Jan 2019

HKRadar participated in PolyU’s mentorship event to help young graduating mechanical engineering students with their career questions as they enter the employment for the first time.  This is about Acting Now to help the future engineering talent of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Aviation Twitter Feed - Jan 2019

HKRadar launches a Hong Kong Aviation Twitter feed. Follow dedicated Hong Kong aviation news by clicking the Twitter icon at the bottom of the page.

C Level recruitment for global ground handling provider - Jan 2019

HKRadar secures a C level recruitment for a global ground handling provider for their operation in Asia.

HKRadar proud to support third HKIE Airworthiness Course - Nov 2018

HKIE is running its third Airworthiness Course this year.  HKRadar is again supporting two modules for this HK industry programme.

FBO selects HKRadar to find management talent - Oct 2018

HK Radar, partnering with Step Up HK, has secured recruitment for Project and Business Development Manager positions for an Asian FBO.

Human Factors again - Oct 2018

HKRadar is brought back to provide Human Factors training for a HK based airline.  Quality and reliable delivery is HKRadar’s mission, contact us today.

MRO Asia 2018 - Oct 2018

HKRadar will be at MRO Asia.  Contact us if you are looking to partner for new opportunities.

HKRadar supports OEM navigation equipment provider -  Aug 2018

A navigation equipment OEM reaches to HK Radar to support their future systems design.

Change of contact number -  Aug 2018

We have a new contact number, effective today.  You can find it on our new contact us page.

Supporting an Asian OEM - Aug 2018

A global consulting firm selects HK Radar for local Asian knowledge in airline operations to assist their Asian OEM customer.

HKRadar proud to support the HKIE Airworthiness Course - July 2018

HKRadar will again be proud to support the second HKIE Airworthiness Course to be held in July.  

An American Fortune 500 chemical company selects HKRadar to provide consultation services - June 2018

An American Fortune 500 chemical company comes to HK Radar to provide consultation services for their line of aviation fluids.

VTC Aircraft & Marine Engineering Centre - June 2018

With over 44 years in architectural design, urban planning and interior design, this Hong Kong architechural firm selects HKRadar to support its tender for the new VTC Aircraft & Marine Engineering Centre which will open in 2024.  Working to help educational establishments is at the heart of our principle of Looking Forward and Acting Now.

Human Factors comes to a Hong Kong airline - May 2018

Flexibility is at HKRadar's heart.  It has been selected by Hong Kong’s largest carrier to provide bespoke human factors course with a short lead time.

HK Radar announces new partnership with Aviation Management Solutions Ltd - May 2018

HKRadar expands its portfolio of training and service offerings with a new partnership with Aviation Management Solutions Ltd.  Both companies will be cross marketing an extensive range of training solutions to the Asian and Mainland Chinese market.  In addition, the agreement covers aircraft material and parts for the same markets.

HKRadar launches its first Philippines programme - May 2018

HKRadar launches its first tailored programme for the Philippines training market, Basic Airline Maintenance Planning (& Production) to be conducted in August 2018.

HKRadar supports HKIE Airworthiness Course - May 2018

In fostering knowledge sharing with the Hong Kong air transport industry, HKRadar will be supporting the upcoming, HKCAD accredited Airworthiness Course in May 2018

Recruitment - Apr 2018

HKRadar, secures second position to recruit a Director of China Projects for a premier FBO.

HKRadar and tl-networks enters the Philippines training market - Apr 2018

HKRadar and Singapore based tl-networks, brings a range of aviation training to the Philippines with an undisclosed local provider. With working professionals from airlines, maintenance repair organisations and original equipment manufacturers, the programmes offered will provide real up to date insight and knowledge coupled with interactive training. Together with this Manila based training school, the programmes merge the best of international and local content. Tailored 1 and 3 day programmes will begin to be offerable from the second quarter of 2018.

HKRadar teams up with tl-networks - Apr 2018
tl networks%20logo

HKRadar, is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with Singapore based, tl-networks.  tl-networks is a training provider, consultancy and aircraft parts provider specialising in south and north east Asia region.

Recruitment - Apr 2018

HKRadar has been selected by an FBO to recruit  a line manager.

IATA SGHA Contracting Services - Feb 2018

HKRadar has been brought in to provide IATA SGHA contracting services to a foreign based airline.

Maintenance Programme & Reliability - Feb 2018

HKRadar successfully deilvers its Maintenance Programme & Reliability training programme.   The participants were able to apply their knowledge on a variety of exercises which was an effective learning tool, and  moves away from “death” by PowerPoint.

HKRadar also offers Safety Management Systems, Human Performance and Airworthiness for Executives as part its knowledge sharing portfolio.

Aviation Safety Culture - Feb 2018

HKRadar has been selected by a local higher education institution to provide a customised Safety Culture course for its degree students.

Aircraft sourcing, leasing and insurance services - Jan 2018

HKRadar converts its MOU with an undisclosed customer, for consulting services covering aircraft sourcing, expanding into aircraft leasing and aircraft insurance services.

Events & Conferences - Jan 2018

Our newest member, expands HK Radar capability to put together that centre piece event or conference for your organisation.

Recruitment - Dec 2017

HKRadar has been selected to recruit for a senior business development officer for a regional cargo operations.

Aircraft Sourcing - Nov 2017

HKRadar has signed an MOU with an undislosed customer to source wide bodied aircraft, along with ongoing maintenance support arrangements.

Maintenance Program and Reliability Training Course - Oct 2017

A regional National Aviation Authority has selected HKRadar to provide a customised maintenance programme (MSG3) and Reliability Systems Training Programme for the local aviation business community.

Departing from traditional chalk and talk, HK Radar was selected for bringing practical and interactive methods into the classroom.

Training - Oct 2017

HKRadar extends their arrangement with a HK based airline to provide time critical training coverage.

Aviation Week, MRO Asia Pacific - Oct 2017

HKRadar will be at MRO Asia Pacific in Singapore from 31 October to 2 November, 2017.  Feel free to contact us, to discuss new opportunities.  We look forward to meeting you in Singapore!

Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive Policy Address - Oct 2017

HKRadar welcomes the CE’s initiatives to help SMEs in providing tax breaks in profit tax, investments in education and research & development, & other initiatives to assist the Hong Kong workforce. 

We encourage the Government to continue to address livelihood issues, continue to invest in the community and create a business friendly environment.

Recruitment - Sept 2017

A Hong Kong based conglomerate, brings in HKRadar and Step Up HK to recruit aviation engineers and also management positions in their non aviation businesses.

Recruitment - Aug 2017

HKRadar has partnered with Step Up HK, and has secured the rights to recruit engineering staff at a HK based MRO.

Training - July 2017

HKRadar has been drafted in to provide technical training support at a HK based airline.

We have moved - July 2017

We have moved into our new premises right here at the Hong Kong International Airport.