About Us

Looking Ahead, Act Now

Hong Kong Radar Aviation Services Limited (HKRadar), is the 6 star service provider where you can find Aviation Management, Industrial Recruitment, Training, and Event Management services.

Aviation Management

Productivity and efficiency gives you that advantage.  HK Radar are seasoned to deliver this to you.

For the flying assets, we can tease out improvements in reliability, on time performance & maintenance optimisation.

Setting up a new station or operation in the region is challenging and we have the expertise to assist you. Find and execute changes to unlock new opportunities.

Extracting value from the aircraft manufacturer, OEM or a key supplier? We have the experience and breadth to get the job done.

Whether supporting you in finding an aircraft, delivering the asset or documentation review, our team members will listen, understand what you need and deliver.

Talent Acquisition

Looking for great new members to join your engineering or leadership team? We are deadly reliable in seeking that very person who will hit the running for your organisation.

Professional Training

Your team are your life blood; we have the tools in to equip them for this competitive world.  Give them the advantage to keep winning for you.

With our knowledge and experience, we connect the dots and navigate the everchanging landscape. Let’s start Looking Ahead and Act Now.